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Credits and Acknowledgements

Nick Laiacona was the principle designer and developer for FairCopy v1.0. Jamie Folsom contributed enormously to the conceptualization and realization of this project. Derek Leadbetter developed the website and e-commerce system. Steve Marvin was Lead QA. Sheri Edgecomb did both Marketing and Operations.

Special thanks to: Susan Spengler and all of the early early access program participants.

We would also like to thank the following standards bodies and open source projects:

  • The Text Encoding Initiative
  • The International Image Interoperability Framework Consortium
  • ProseMirror
  • OpenSeadragon
  • Electron
  • Keygen
  • Font Awesome
  • FlexSearch

FairCopy is a product of Performant Software Solutions LLC. We are based in Charlottesvile, VA and Boston MA.