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Migrating from the Early Access Program

If you participated in the FairCopy Early Access Program that ran from November 2019 to February 2022, you may have an older version of FairCopy on your machine. FairCopy version 1.0 has a bunch of new features and bug fixes. You should definitely get the upgrade! Please note that FairCopy version 1.0 and later are commercially licensed. For more information, see the FairCopy website.

To get the latest version, click on the “Update Available” button in the lower right corner of the main window, pictured below.

screenshot of the update available button

Once the new update is downloaded, you will need to restart the FairCopy software. You will then see the license screen:

screenshot of the license key form

You may either purchase a FairCopy license or obtain a 14-day free trial license. You can obtain a license by visiting the FairCopy website. See this section for more details on this process. Note: Once you get a new license key, you don’t need to download the software again, you can just copy and paste the license key into the dialog pictured above.