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Searching Your Project

In FairCopy, you can search the resources in your project for words or phrases. You can also search for these words/phrases within specific element types and/or within elements with specific attribute values.

To do a basic full text search, simple type your search term in the search bar on the bottom left side of the main window. A list of the resources in which the term has been found appears. Select a given resource to open it and automatically scroll to the first result. You can also page through the search results using the controls on the status bar.

To further filter your search results, click on the filter button to the right of the search bar. This brings up a dialog which allows you to specify an element name to search for and any attribute values to search for. All of the conditions you specify must be met in order for a term to be found.

If you have a project file with lots of resources or large resources, it may take a moment for search to become available when you first open a project. The search bar becomes enabled once the search index is built. When you edit a resource, you must save it in order for the search index for that resource to be updated. Note that searching a document that has been edited but not saved may produced inaccurate results.

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